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Testimonials from Doctors

Dr. Elmer M. Cranton, M.D.

Dr. Elmer M. CrantonI know Dr. Pratiksha to be a wonderful, compassionate person and a highly knowledgeable medical doctor.

I have closely followed Dr. Pratiksha's professional work, with special interest in her safe, non-invasive treatments and leading-edge advances in preventive cardiology. By successfully treating a large number of patients, her innovative treatment programs have alleviated symptoms and reversed the progression of heart disease and atherosclerosis for a large number of people. Her patients have consistently experienced wonderful improvements in their quality of life and overall state of health. Professional advances pioneered by Dr. Pratiksha have been spectacular. She offers immeasurable hope to her patients with a minimum of risk.

I have carefully studied a large number of before-and-after case histories and test results of Dr. Pratiksha's patients. Extraordinary benefits are well documented.

Dr. Pratiksha shows great courage and conviction by challenging obsolete methods of treatment so often used by conventional medicine. She has fought almost single handedly, with limited resources, to prove that coronary artery disease, even high grade and triple vessel blockages, can be successfully treated without surgery-using non invasive cardiology techniques and healthy life-style improvements. Dr. Pratiksha is winning widespread recognition and respect in the fraternity of cardiologists—not only in India but across the world.

In appreciation of her good work, I proudly requested Dr. Pratiksha to co-author with me in this updated Indian edition of my book “Bypassing Bypass Surgery.

I have enormous respect for the social responsibility Dr. Pratiksha has taken upon her herself to reduce the incidence of heart and other cardiovascular diseases in India. IPC Foundation is doing wonderful work by providing free and subsidized treatments to large numbers of indigent heart patients. As a contribution to that work, I have assigned my publishing rights in India, as the Proceedings of this book will be utilised for IPC Foundation.

I wish her continued great success and know that she will be increasingly acclaimed for her selfless contributions to the betterment of health for all people in India and around the world.

Elmer M. Cranton, M.D.
Mount Rainier Clinic, Inc.
503 First St. South, Suite 1
Yelm, Washington 98597


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