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Mr. Santosh Surve

Mr. Santosh Surve's two angiographs are reproduced below:

Santosh Surve a young businessman was advised immediate bypass surgery on table followed by angiography. He was frustrated as he was not able to walk, his stress test was positive and his angiography report showed blockages over 90%. During angiography his wife who was waiting outside was told to take decision for immediate surgery. She was fearful as she want to save the life of her husband but Santosh asked doctors time to think as he didn't wanted to get himself operated at young age. He was laughing away with joy when we repeated the angiography on the same table where he was advised bypass after one year of intensive treatment and follow up with us where his blockages have reversed as shown in the angiography report. His left main had 30% block, 99% LCX block, 20% RCA block completely vanished. His LAD block reduced by 10%. He is a shining example of how will power, confidence in oneself of natural healing ability of the body coupled with right medical treatment under the guidance of a able doctor backed by Gods grace can create miracles and challenge conventional medical practices.


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