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Mr. Suresh Jain

Similar to Santosh a young businessman named Suresh Jain was also fearing to undergo the knife of a bypass surgeon. His wife and relatives were not allowing to go out of town without undergoing surgery as he has blockages over 90% and unable to walk even few distances. He was upset that his future business career was in bleak but IPC came to his rescue where again chelation therapy weaved its magic wand and the blockages regressed as shown in the angiography below. His LAD artery block reversed from 90% to 60%, RCA block reduced from 70 to 30% and LCX block reduced from 70% to 30%. He has now successfully traveled abroad for business purposes and doing full-fledged work without any fatigue more over his medicines are hardly 2-3 tablets a day compared to 20 tablets, which he used to take when he met me. His diabetes is well under control and medicines drastically reduced as a side effect of chelation.
The striking aspect was Suresh was having mediclaim could have easily done surgery without paying any money where as chelation is not reimbursed, he went against all his family members including his wife when he had to choose our treatment and not undertake a bypass surgery but with the repeat angiogram he has proved to everybody that his decision to go with IPC was correct.

The readers should note that cardiologist consider only blockages over 70% as critical and advise surgery for the blocks. Thus when we reverse the block to less than 70% we have reduced the criticalness of the disease and hence the patients feel better.

On one hand we have patients like Suresh Jain who can afford surgeries but still choose our treatment out of conviction that we can cure them and on the other hand I have patients who cannot afford surgeries.


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