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Hypertension Treatment in Mumbai

Hypertension is a silent disease and often unnoticed in 80% of the cases. Whenever a patient gets nasal bleed, giddiness, blackout or excessive sweating on forehead and a severe headache and goes for a BP checkup, it is generally found that the BP is high.  The normal Blood Pressure as per WHO is 115/75 at present and was 120/80 earlier. If the Blood Pressure is above 140/90, the blood pressure medication is indicated. At IPC, we have noticed as the age passes, patients suffer from Blood Pressures and the medications also increases and there is no control over the blood pressures.

The major reason why people are unable to control is they are unaware of the root cause that is causing them blood pressure. At IPC we have hypertension reversal program which aims at reducing blood pressures, reducing the medication and reversing the complications which has caused due to high blood pressures like brain hemorrhage, stroke, blockages in the arteries of the heart, damages to the cells of kidney called nephropathy. All these could be averted if the blood pressure is kept under adequate control.

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Weight Loss Management Program

IPC aims to prevent heart attack and reverse heart disease by helping people to avoid a surgery. Obesity is the most important risk factor that causes cardiac ailments. In Indians, we do not find gross obesity but abdominal obesity is very common. Abdominal obesity is the fats that accumulate in the stomach area which is also the direct risk factor for heart ailments. IPC has many weight loss programs to offer to patients as we see there are lots of gimmicks played related to obesity/weight loss programs. It has been reduced to merely at a physical level by loosing certain kilograms. The whole thing is that it is not even medically evaluated.

Many times it leads to quick weight loss but the problem of weight gain reverts back after sometime. IPC has planned to guide the patients correctly with right kind of weight management programs for having realistic expectations. We first undertake the complete medical test and find out whether any medical reason prevails in patient causing overweight or obesity. Sometimes there are hormonal issues, problems in life styles, whatever may be the reason once we get the root cause of the obesity, and it becomes better for us to control your weight.

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Attack Heart Attack before it attacks you

Advancements in medical technology have widened the scope for more innovative and effective treatment for heart problems. You can prevent 80% of heart attacks and avoid Bypass surgeries with a simple and dedicated IPC preventive cardiology program. IPC strongly believes in “Prevention is better than cure". IPC preventive cardiology program is a miracle and a boon to the patients with cardiac problems. The preventive cardiology program in India is introduced by the world renowned preventive cardiologist Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi - the founder & chairperson of IPC Heart Care.

IPC India has treated more than 30,000 cases with the support of team of 100 doctors with a success rate of over 95% in selected cases to avoid bypass surgery and angioplasty. This film is a missionary concept of IPC to motivate and enlighten people about the preventive cardiology treatment who care for their heart and health. It is also an indicative factor for people who are suffering from cardiac problems and how to tackle it through preventive measures. 

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Financial Stress Management - IPC Heart Care

IPC Heart Care‘s main mission is to prevent people from heart attacks and also to provide non invasive treatments for those who had already experienced heart attacks. It is observed in many situations that heart problems aggravate in people due to financial stress.

While a patient undergoes EECP treatment and cardiac rehab program at IPC Heart Care, we try to analyse the patients and give them the necessary guidelines. To prevent from financial stress, it is very important to have a financial planning.


How to prevent from Financial Stress?

To stay ahead of others and be competitive, sometimes we do certain things that are out of our budgets. Household Budget planning is very important factor as it defines certain boundaries. For instance if you take cricket, can you imagine the game without the boundaries that define a Four or Six? No right! In the same way if you set certain limits and boundaries in your budget, you can enjoy your life happily. Budget planning is an easy way to avoid financial stress.

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Tips to overcome Marital Stress

Married Couple Stress Management Tips

Marriage is union of body, mind and soul. It is important that a husband and wife surrender to each other totally.  We generally find that one spouse is dominating and the other is submissive. We try not to be gender biased to understand the two sides of the coins. There are many heart patients who face misunderstanding with spouse due to mismatch in expectations from partners and communication gaps between couples.

At IPC Heart Care, our Yoga trainers and stress management counsellors counsel husband and wife and resolve the stress causing issues in their life. Our main aim is to create a happy couple. If a couple is happy then there is love and peace that leads them to be healthy.

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