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Diabetes Treatment in Mumbai from IPC Heart Care

Diabetes is one of the most important risk factors for heart problems. India is the diabetes capital of the whole world with more than 32 million diabetic cases. So there is an impending epidemic of the heart ailment coming up. The main mission of IPC is to prevent heart attacks and save people from surgeries. We have Diabetes Reversal Program for effectively controlling the diabetes so that diabetic patients do not become heart patients.

It is said diabetes is the mother and heart disease is the child. Anybody who is diabetic has almost 2 – 3 times more chance of getting a heart problem than a non diabetic. Another major problem is diabetic people get multiple blockages which is leading them to bypass surgeries. Also when bypass surgeries are done, the chances of wound infections and complications are more if the sugar is not under control. If the sugar is not controlled, there is a chance for diffuse disease to form in the smaller vessels. It is often found even after a bypass surgery of such cases they are not completely benefited.

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Cholesterol Reversal Programs from IPC

High levels of cholesterol is the most important risk factors for causing blockages in the arteries of the heart. At IPC, measuring lipid profile is one of the most important tests which we conduct in our cardiac checkup. Routinely everybody knows that lipid profile consists of HDL, LDL and Triglycerides. But nowadays, we see lot of young people also getting blockages in the arteries of the heart. There are advanced lipid level tests which measure homocysteine and lipoproteina. If any of these test values are found at a higher level, then it can also create blockages in the arteries. It is also done as a part of cardiac checkup in selected cases.

Another aspect which people ask is about medication as conventionally when cholesterol is high, patients are put on medication and often they grumble that at the age of 30 or 40. Do they have to continue these medicines lifelong? Here Cholesterol Reversal program play an important role. We at IPC, evaluate the life style of the patient, the risk factors, especially when the genetic factors are very strong and even after following life style, if the cholesterol is not controlled then medication is required.

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Cardiac check up package

At IPC, we offer various kinds of cardiac health checkups right from the basic tests to advance tests. We recommend it for the people above the age group of 30 years and also for people below 30 years who are in high risk categories. This is because more than 70% of people get heart attacks as a first symptom.  We need not have to get cardiac health check when the real situation arises. Sometimes people also go for a cardiac checkup, as they have experienced giddiness, breathlessness and chest pain and they want to rule out whether there is any heart related ailment or not. Whenever a patient comes to us, we first evaluate what kind of checkup would be best for them. For the younger ones, the basic screening of lipid profile test that is cholesterol, LDL and HDL and all those factors in the blood are tested. The ECG , advanced cardiac tests and  most important aspect is risk factor evaluation is done.

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Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease

At IPC we offer non-surgical cardiac treatments like EECP and ACT. Though EECP constitutes major bulk of our treatments, we also offer ACT treatments in selected cases. ACT stands for Artery Clearance Therapy which is a treatment for blocked arteries. Many times patients keep asking us questions referring to their blockage percentage as 80%, 90% and 100% and if we can ever remove their blockages.

We have done research studies and repeat angiographies. Total removal of blockages is not possible. We find many campaigns these days that are projecting that one can dissolve the blockages completely or remove blockages. Such false campaigns also suggests that there are medicines that can help to remove blockages but it is not totally true.

We have done repeated angiographies and have documented that the blockages could be reversed. In comparative studies we have observed that a 90% block can become 70% or 60% and sometimes 60% blockages can even be removed. If there are multiple blockages, to expect a normal angiography after the treatment is not possible.

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Normal ECG can also Take Away Your Life

It is really shocking statement that a normal ECG can take away your life. The idea here is not to scare you but to educate you. At IPC, our mission is to save people from heart attacks and avoiding surgeries. We have very often seen that people undergo cardiac tests like ECG and stress tests. The basic test conducted is ECG. Most of the time ECG comes normal but it comes abnormal for few people who have suffered from heart attack and for few who have rhythm reduction or some having conduction problems or complex cardiac syndromes.

Many times there are more than 70% to 90% blockages in the arteries of the heart.  In spite of that the ECG comes normal. This is where 70% of people experience heart attack, unfortunately 50% of patients dies at their first experience of heart attack. That is the reason why the statement expresses that a normal ECG can also take away your life.

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