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Exercise Tips for Heart patients

Stay fit and fine/hale and healthy with regular exercise.

Note: Any exercise chosen by heart patients needs to be strictly followed under a supervision of physician. Following are few Generic suggestions.

Exercise is the most important aspect of life for staying healthy and being active for all human being irrespective of age and gender. It helps and improves the functioning of the whole body in a much better way. The activity of exercise enhances the fitness of the body physically and mentally. If you have observed heart patients, most of them are advised to do exercise to overcome the risk of heart attacks or cardiac arrest further. One should not forget that heart patients are only eligible to do some particular exercises and not all are applicable and advisable for them.

There are different types of exercises for Heart Patients to follow:

  1. The most simple, yet an effective exercise for a heart patient is walking. It can improve the energy levels and keep them active throughout the day. It is the basic step towards the journey of beginning an exercise.
  2. Aerobics plays an important part of exercise as it is highly advisable for almost all heart patients with mild movements. It shows better results in a very short span of time.
  3. Swimming is another form of aerobic exercise that enhances the patient’s health system and decreases the risk of heart attacks.
  4. Cycling is the best remedial exercise for avoiding heart problems. The heart patient based on his/her health condition, can either use a regular cycle or stationary cycle. Water aerobics and water cycling helps a lot for heart patients and relieves them from joint pains.
  5. Stretching is important exercise for heart patients as it makes the body muscles flexible and increases your range of mobility. Also stretching the arms and legs after the exercise helps the patient to relax and avoid any muscle strain or injury.
  6. Strength Training is also a part of exercise program where patients start with low resistance and gradually increase to higher resistance.
  7. Flexibility exercises are very simple and unique for heart patients like neck exercise. It relaxes your body and helps to improve your flexibility.

Precautions for Heart patients while exercising:

  1. Isometric exercises like push-ups and sit-ups should be avoided for heart patients as it strains the muscles.
  2. It is not advisable for heart patients to do exercises in extreme temperatures like too cold, hot or humid. As high humidity and extreme temperatures may act adverse on their health.
  3. Avoid extremely hot and cold showers or sauna baths immediately after the exercise as it might affect the pressure on heart.

Plus points of doing exercises by heart patients:

  1. It makes your body flexible and improves your mobility levels.
  2. It helps in improving the circulation of blood that in turn regulates oxygen in your body in a better way.
  3. Makes your heart and cardio vascular system strong.
  4. It boosts your energy levels and endurance.
  5. It maintains and controls your blood pressure.
  6. It reduces your body excess fat, cholesterol and helps you gain healthy weight.
  7. It relives you from stress, tension, anxiety and depression.
  8. Overcomes your sleeping disorder problems
  9. Last but not the least, makes you feel more comfortable with relaxed state of mind.

Any exercise chosen by heart patients needs to be strictly followed under a supervision of physician. Visit the website to know more details.


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