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Diabetes Treatment in Mumbai from IPC Heart Care

Diabetes is one of the most important risk factors for heart problems. India is the diabetes capital of the whole world with more than 32 million diabetic cases. So there is an impending epidemic of the heart ailment coming up. The main mission of IPC is to prevent heart attacks and save people from surgeries. We have Diabetes Reversal Program for effectively controlling the diabetes so that diabetic patients do not become heart patients.

It is said diabetes is the mother and heart disease is the child. Anybody who is diabetic has almost 2 – 3 times more chance of getting a heart problem than a non diabetic. Another major problem is diabetic people get multiple blockages which is leading them to bypass surgeries. Also when bypass surgeries are done, the chances of wound infections and complications are more if the sugar is not under control. If the sugar is not controlled, there is a chance for diffuse disease to form in the smaller vessels. It is often found even after a bypass surgery of such cases they are not completely benefited.


Now you can understand why controlling Diabetes is important, we at IPC specialize in treating heart cases with special care and help them to control their sugar levels back to normal levels. Another problem is in spite of taking medication or insulin, the diabetes is not controlled, this is where precisely diabetic reversal program comes into play. We have treated challenging cases where in spite of patients taking more than 100 units of insulin daily were unable to control their sugar levels. At IPC Diabetes Reversal Program, we carefully evaluate the entire life style like the diet, exercise pattern and most important the mind pattern. We have seen that there is a certain mindset which makes a diabetic a diabetic patient. D for Diabetes and D for Discipline, if we live a disciplined lifestyle, we can control diabetics. Most often patients do not take care and are not disciplined in following regular walking and exercise, diet control. There are Type A personality whom we call it Hurry, Burry, and Curry. If they follow a certain pattern in their diet, it is easy for them to control diabetes otherwise they will have problems. At IPC, We offer diabetes reversal program that is beneficial to the patients.

For instance, if business is taken into consideration, you have a sleeping partner as well active partner. If both of them are active and work together than only they will have success. Likewise if the patient is doing all the activities in the day, the sugar levels will go high and only medication cannot control it. The patients need a perfect diabetic control that can be easily done following diabetic reversal program techniques.


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