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Cholesterol Reversal Programs from IPC

High levels of cholesterol is the most important risk factors for causing blockages in the arteries of the heart. At IPC, measuring lipid profile is one of the most important tests which we conduct in our cardiac checkup. Routinely everybody knows that lipid profile consists of HDL, LDL and Triglycerides. But nowadays, we see lot of young people also getting blockages in the arteries of the heart. There are advanced lipid level tests which measure homocysteine and lipoproteina. If any of these test values are found at a higher level, then it can also create blockages in the arteries. It is also done as a part of cardiac checkup in selected cases.

Another aspect which people ask is about medication as conventionally when cholesterol is high, patients are put on medication and often they grumble that at the age of 30 or 40. Do they have to continue these medicines lifelong? Here Cholesterol Reversal program play an important role. We at IPC, evaluate the life style of the patient, the risk factors, especially when the genetic factors are very strong and even after following life style, if the cholesterol is not controlled then medication is required.

But the good part is that almost 80% of the patients can control their cholesterol if they strictly adhere to the life style changes and follow to the modifications and instructions as suggested by IPC. As a result, most of the patients benefit from IPC Cholesterol Reduction program.

Even patients who come with high cholesterol and are heart patients, we have observed they were taking heavy doses of medicine. At IPC, those patients were introduced to follow Cholesterol Reduction program under the cardiac rehabilitation program - they have gradually decreased their cholesterol levels and the reduces intake of heavy doses of cholesterol medicines. In few cases it has even helped remove the cholesterol medicine also.

Whenever patients performed well, in their diet, exercise and stress management, the immediate effect is seen on the lipid profile reports. Even in our follow-up cases, when we ask them to repeat lipid profile test, just with their reports we can come to know if the patient is following our advise of daily walking or not. As half an hour of daily walking increases HDL – this is a positive sign for good cholesterol level.

The blood chemistry is very important. For instance if we use hard water, the vessels gets dirty and if we use soft water they remain clean. It is the chemistry of water that affects the utensils. It is the blood chemistry that helps to determines if blockages will be formed or not and it is our blood chemistry which can cause a heart attack or prevent a heart attack.

In this Cholesterol Reduction program, we focus on altering the blood chemistry which will help you to prevent the formation of blockages of any kind. We try to reverse and prevent heart attack.


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