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Cardiac check up package

At IPC, we offer various kinds of cardiac health checkups right from the basic tests to advance tests. We recommend it for the people above the age group of 30 years and also for people below 30 years who are in high risk categories. This is because more than 70% of people get heart attacks as a first symptom.  We need not have to get cardiac health check when the real situation arises. Sometimes people also go for a cardiac checkup, as they have experienced giddiness, breathlessness and chest pain and they want to rule out whether there is any heart related ailment or not. Whenever a patient comes to us, we first evaluate what kind of checkup would be best for them. For the younger ones, the basic screening of lipid profile test that is cholesterol, LDL and HDL and all those factors in the blood are tested. The ECG , advanced cardiac tests and  most important aspect is risk factor evaluation is done.

Most of the hospitals and clinics which are offering these health checkups are missing the life style modification program. At IPC, we administer life style management program for patients. Each and every person apart from the biomedical parameters, life style is also studied in detail as part of health check up. The advanced test includes stress test, Echo, and also unique test cartography. This is a simple non invasive test that gives the complete physiology of the heart and is done in 10 minutes. IPC is not only unique in non invasive treatment but also with cardiac health checks for various non invasive tests. We also have sphygmocor which is the pulse wave analysis where you can get to know the exact pressure on heart and also know the arterial stiffness. Arterial stiffness is the real indicator of the heart attack in the future and for all possibilities of blockages in heart.

For instance, you can take the situation where to get married how we match horoscopes of a boy and girl  and decide if their­ future is happy or not. In the same way, you can also take the horoscope of heart to know its future is safe or is it diseased and has any possibility of getting heart attack. At IPC, we consider a holistic approach through innovative cardiac health checkups to know the real status of heart for preventing heart attacks.

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