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Chelation Therapy for Heart Disease

At IPC we offer non-surgical cardiac treatments like EECP and ACT. Though EECP constitutes major bulk of our treatments, we also offer ACT treatments in selected cases. ACT stands for Artery Clearance Therapy which is a treatment for blocked arteries. Many times patients keep asking us questions referring to their blockage percentage as 80%, 90% and 100% and if we can ever remove their blockages.

We have done research studies and repeat angiographies. Total removal of blockages is not possible. We find many campaigns these days that are projecting that one can dissolve the blockages completely or remove blockages. Such false campaigns also suggests that there are medicines that can help to remove blockages but it is not totally true.

We have done repeated angiographies and have documented that the blockages could be reversed. In comparative studies we have observed that a 90% block can become 70% or 60% and sometimes 60% blockages can even be removed. If there are multiple blockages, to expect a normal angiography after the treatment is not possible.

We have seen many patients who have undertaken such treatments elsewhere have been over promised and under delivered, they undergo repeated angiographies just to keep a check on their blockages. This is an unnecessary waste of time & money and moreover creates trauma and complications to your body.

At IPC, we clearly explain the patient before the treatment for what can be expected out of that particular treatment like EECP and ACT. In ACT treatment, we give 20intra Venus saline drips over a span of three months. Generally we give twice a week or once in a week or once in 15 days depending on the cases.

In this drips, the main ingredients are EDTA and antioxidants. Antioxidants are very important as the root cause of blockages is endothelial dysfunction. That means the internal lining of arteries of the heart is damaged.

For Example, when you cook something on a pan, it sticks but if you take Teflon coated pan, it does not. Similarly if internal lining that is the endothelial layer is strong then the blockages cannot be made.  The antioxidants therapy strengthens the internal lining of the arteries of the heart.  Also it can be compared to the anti rust that is done on a car like how the iron gets oxidised. Similarly we intake free radicals that are generated out of pollution, having junk food, stress, smoking, irregular eating habits, sleeping disorders, all these free radicals damage the internal lining of the arteries of the heart and also create problems for the whole body.

When we give this intra venus saline drips, it basically goes and scavenges this free radicals and throws them out through the kidneys.

There are many misconceptions about this therapy that it damages kidneys, but this is not true. At IPC we have a technical collaboration with Arterial Disease Clinic London. Medicines should be given in proper dosage then only any therapy can be beneficial. It is safe and beneficial for all.

For more details, Go to the page Chelation Therapy.


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