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Normal ECG can also Take Away Your Life

It is really shocking statement that a normal ECG can take away your life. The idea here is not to scare you but to educate you. At IPC, our mission is to save people from heart attacks and avoiding surgeries. We have very often seen that people undergo cardiac tests like ECG and stress tests. The basic test conducted is ECG. Most of the time ECG comes normal but it comes abnormal for few people who have suffered from heart attack and for few who have rhythm reduction or some having conduction problems or complex cardiac syndromes.

Many times there are more than 70% to 90% blockages in the arteries of the heart.  In spite of that the ECG comes normal. This is where 70% of people experience heart attack, unfortunately 50% of patients dies at their first experience of heart attack. That is the reason why the statement expresses that a normal ECG can also take away your life.

So, whenever you find ECG to be normal, please check your life style and the risk factors which can cause heart problem.  Prevention is better than cure so always keep a check on your health to avoid certain complications. Don’t try to be in illusion that nothing can happen to you. It is advisable to always be on alert.


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