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Hypertension Treatment in Mumbai

Hypertension is a silent disease and often unnoticed in 80% of the cases. Whenever a patient gets nasal bleed, giddiness, blackout or excessive sweating on forehead and a severe headache and goes for a BP checkup, it is generally found that the BP is high.  The normal Blood Pressure as per WHO is 115/75 at present and was 120/80 earlier. If the Blood Pressure is above 140/90, the blood pressure medication is indicated. At IPC, we have noticed as the age passes, patients suffer from Blood Pressures and the medications also increases and there is no control over the blood pressures.

The major reason why people are unable to control is they are unaware of the root cause that is causing them blood pressure. At IPC we have hypertension reversal program which aims at reducing blood pressures, reducing the medication and reversing the complications which has caused due to high blood pressures like brain hemorrhage, stroke, blockages in the arteries of the heart, damages to the cells of kidney called nephropathy. All these could be averted if the blood pressure is kept under adequate control.


Ill effects of High and uncontrolled blood Pressure on heart:

High blood pressures start damaging the internal lining of the heart and causing blockages. It also increases the thickness of the muscles of the heart which we see in 2D echo causing hypertrophy. If this is not controlled it leads to cardiac failure.  These entire things needs to be prevented, generally we see that when patients arrive they are already having complications of high blood pressure. At IPC, Hypertension reversal program aims to educate the patients more about blood pressure and also its root cause that is arterial stiffness. We do special medical tests like Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, SphygmoCor & analyze the patient’s reports. We then explain patients at which time of the day their blood pressure is more and monitor the medication. It is detailed, in-depth and customized program which helps to find out the root cause of the blood pressure and treated effectively while reducing medication.

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