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Weight Loss Management Program

IPC aims to prevent heart attack and reverse heart disease by helping people to avoid a surgery. Obesity is the most important risk factor that causes cardiac ailments. In Indians, we do not find gross obesity but abdominal obesity is very common. Abdominal obesity is the fats that accumulate in the stomach area which is also the direct risk factor for heart ailments. IPC has many weight loss programs to offer to patients as we see there are lots of gimmicks played related to obesity/weight loss programs. It has been reduced to merely at a physical level by loosing certain kilograms. The whole thing is that it is not even medically evaluated.

Many times it leads to quick weight loss but the problem of weight gain reverts back after sometime. IPC has planned to guide the patients correctly with right kind of weight management programs for having realistic expectations. We first undertake the complete medical test and find out whether any medical reason prevails in patient causing overweight or obesity. Sometimes there are hormonal issues, problems in life styles, whatever may be the reason once we get the root cause of the obesity, and it becomes better for us to control your weight.


Once we lose weight though it may be gradual, it is permanent and lifelong. Maintaining weight is also equally important because most of the centers are giving quick fix results and the follow up is lost after that. The uniqueness in IPC weight loss management program is it helps patients to manage the lost weight. If all the causes for weight gain are not controlled, the weight gain again is the easiest thing that can happen in this category of patients.

Also we find fancy gadgets, lot of advertisements promising weight losing programs and many online herbal portals offering herbs for quick weight loss. Usually in such cases the patients just loose water rather than fats. We warn our patients not to take products that are not medically evaluated by clinically trials.

Whenever it is weight loss management, the commitment from the patient for weight loss is important. No fancy gadgets are advised which help you to merely lose body fluids.  Sometimes we do use some equipments and machines that are medical validated and scientifically proved.  At IPC, whatever may be the reason for obesity either a medical problem or psychological or life style, we analyze the patient’s health status and give a customized program to follow for a healthy status. People have a common misconception for losing weight is that they have to starve themselves to lose weight, but at IPC we make them eat and then lose weight with a customized diet to follow.

We at IPC have a medical and safe way to lose your weight.


We are happy to help you!

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