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Financial Stress Management - IPC Heart Care

IPC Heart Care‘s main mission is to prevent people from heart attacks and also to provide non invasive treatments for those who had already experienced heart attacks. It is observed in many situations that heart problems aggravate in people due to financial stress.

While a patient undergoes EECP treatment and cardiac rehab program at IPC Heart Care, we try to analyse the patients and give them the necessary guidelines. To prevent from financial stress, it is very important to have a financial planning.


How to prevent from Financial Stress?

To stay ahead of others and be competitive, sometimes we do certain things that are out of our budgets. Household Budget planning is very important factor as it defines certain boundaries. For instance if you take cricket, can you imagine the game without the boundaries that define a Four or Six? No right! In the same way if you set certain limits and boundaries in your budget, you can enjoy your life happily. Budget planning is an easy way to avoid financial stress.

Secondly, day to day expenses are planned but people forget to plan for unexpected expenses that can arise. In most of the families, it is observed that they plan for the regular expenses like students fees, electricity bills and other purposeful expenses but care a little to keep a certain amount for health related expenses. Collective Fate is something that we need to think about. If we can give 10% of our earnings to the needy, it adds more to your income in positive way. Charity begins at home and is also an important factor in life.

The other main factor is the attitude towards money. We think of money so much that we really sometimes forget the valuable relationships in life. With money you can buy medicine but not health and comforts like bed but not sleep. Money can buy you all comforts and pleasures but not everything. We all live in a materialistic world, where we think aggressively to grow more competitive in the hunt of more money observing people who are in higher position and leading luxurious lives. But why can’t we think about people who are below us and those who do not even have a shelter and food to eat. We should not turn ourselves over greedy towards money and try to be happy with what we have and are blessed.

Positive Money Attitude is very important for preventing ourselves from financial stress. Money is our basic need and we should not be thinking it over and over and feel the financial stress.  In this materialistic world, people always think of pleasing people with materialistic things like gifting diamonds, platinum and other costly things. It is important to share positive emotions by spending time with each other that is more worthy and valuable. We should stop thinking and change our attitude towards believing money to be the only way to please others. There are many types of stress that are developing in this materialistic world and there is a constant bombarding of these factors on stress. Money is important in life but to a certain extent.  If we do not give too much priority to money then we can prevent ourselves from many kinds of stress.  Also in Yoga, it is said that, to make self improvement one should include hard work, self analysis and surrender to the will of god. If you put yourselves into the spiritual path, you will not have to worry about the material and immaterial things.

Planning expenses through budgets, charity, positive attitude towards money can help in controlling finance related stress.

There is always money for your need and not your greed. The moment you start pursuing money for your greeds all your problems will begin. So choose contentment, be happy with you have, have realistic achievable financial goals and finally surrender to the will of god. The purpose of human life is to be one with god, ultimately all money whatever you will gather has to be left behind!!


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