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Tips to overcome Marital Stress

Married Couple Stress Management Tips

Marriage is union of body, mind and soul. It is important that a husband and wife surrender to each other totally.  We generally find that one spouse is dominating and the other is submissive. We try not to be gender biased to understand the two sides of the coins. There are many heart patients who face misunderstanding with spouse due to mismatch in expectations from partners and communication gaps between couples.

At IPC Heart Care, our Yoga trainers and stress management counsellors counsel husband and wife and resolve the stress causing issues in their life. Our main aim is to create a happy couple. If a couple is happy then there is love and peace that leads them to be healthy.

In another aspect, where both husband and wife are working and can hardly spend time with each other, also creates many stress related problems. Try to create space for your spouse so that you can spend leisure time to express your love /happiness. In an incident we came across a happy and beautiful couple, where the husband had so much concern for her wife who is a housewife. Even housewife has more responsibilities as the working women. It is very important to respect each other in marriage and avoid things that are insulting and disturbing. Indifferences due to communication gaps can also be the root cause for the imbalance in relationship which leads to stress.

Communications skills play an important role. It is very important to communicate in soft tone and understanding manner to avoid arguments leading to stress. Most of the time stress is created out of wrong usage of words. When we try to convey any matter rashly, it creates arguments and feeling stressed.  Love, respect, trust, finding time for your partner, spending time with spouse, caring, honesty, understanding your spouse and good communication skills are important to avoid stress.

One more important aspect is the distance that is building up between the couples. Having a good sexual relationship with your partner is also important to avoid heart problems and relieve your stress.  We run sexual rehabilitation program for patients who have anxiety in order to give them the mental strength for maintaining their sexual relationship.

Even many patients who are grandparents face stress related to their grand children marriage affairs. Grandparents and parents have to counsel children to select their right partner. It is important for elders to guide and help their children to make them realise the reality and accept the life as it comes in the matters related to marriage. Cultivate Detachment i.e witness like attitude. We have yogasanas like Shavasan, Nishpand bhav, Yoni Mudra that can help you to relieve stress.

At IPC, we have a team of professionals like cardiologist, dieticians, physicians, yoga trainers who guide and counsel to overcome stress factors.


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