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How to balance your emotions?

Emotional Stress Management

It is very important to balance emotions to keep yourselves healthy. Emotions are two types like positive emotions and negative emotions. When you are happy, Opioids hormones release in body that makes you feel the sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. Your heart rate normalizes and relaxes in peace. In the person experiencing positive emotions most of times, endocrine glands will regulate and function normally. Negative emotions like anger, worry, sadness, despair and depression affects the normal functioning of endocrine glands that leads to different heart problems. It adversely effects on digestive system, creates many acidity and gas and problems leading to cancer, heart attacks and Spondylitis.

Emotional balancing is very important in life. It is very essential to control your negative emotions like anger, greed, jealousy, anxiety, and feeling like beating others or stealing something from someone. Like we have security guard in a society to prevent unwanted visitors at house,have mental awareness guards to keep away negative emotions. Secondly its replacement of negative emotions with positive emotions. It is always that people want to remember more of  sad events than happy moments.  We at IPC, give our patients a Good Heart Dairy to maintain where they have columns to fill in the details of the stressful events in daily routine and how did they cope up and the five happy moments in day. But we hardly see people writing their happy moments. If you ask people to write about sad moments, they fill in number of pages. People are more in search of sadness than happy events. If they listen to any emotional song, they correlate their personal events in life and feel the emotions and build that stress.

Try to learn the techniques of maintaining a balance of emotions by practicing deep breathing, finger counting, and controlling angry emotions with Om Chanting. Chanting gives pleasure and peace to your mind, body and heart. It is basically a way to divert your mind from emotional stress. If you are sad and feel low, try to listen to your favourite songs and make the atmosphere a pleasant one around you.

Mainly if you want to change the world, first and foremost you have to bring over a change within yourself first. If you are happy, you can keep others happy. Instead of searching for other’s mistakes and getting panic, it’s always advisable that you relax and keep yourself happy to avoid stress that leads to heart and health problems.


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