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Stress Management for Heart Patients

Dr. Pratiksha G Gandhi, founder & chairperson of IPC Heart enlightens heart patients regarding the importance of stress management and how yoga and meditation helps to control it. At IPC Heart care, we offer advanced allopathic medical management. We focus on accurate diagnosis, non-invasive treatments like EECP, Life style Management programs. Whenever we talk of life style management, we should understand the need of taking proper diet, doing exercise and stress management.

Everybody experiences stress at some point of time in life, certain amount of stress is good as you need to perform best at work but excessive stress is not good for health and is harmful in long run. It releases hormones in our system which increases blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar and blood cholesterol that leads to heart problems and other diseases also.

To combat stress, Yoga and meditation plays an important role. At IPC, our well experienced Yoga trainers help patients to overcome stress. Based on the heart conditions of the patients, they decide which type of Yoga Asanas and Pranayam are perfect for them.

I have done MBBS, MD in Allopathic Medicine, but I still understood the significance of the ancient science of Yoga. I have personally trained Yoga trainers at our IPC Heart Care who are undertaking yoga classes for heart patients, and found that many of the patients who have followed yogic exercises had significant improvement in cardiac conditions. It helps to control the heart rate, reduces the blood pressure and flexibility which in turn increases the circulation of blood in the entire body. Even Dr.Dean Ornish of USA wrote in his famous book Reversing Heart Disease that meditation and creative visualization for heart helps to reverse the heart blockages.

At IPC, we offer Yoga programs for each and every individual heart patient. Though we don’t force anyone to practice yoga, we try to motivate, create awareness and expose them to the importance of Yoga.Yoga practices are like mental bath. We take bath daily to clean our body, but what about the mind that runs through countless thoughts that irritates and disturb us. It is necessary that one does Yoga to keep away stress and avoid heart problems. If you do it daily it would help you in keeping healthy, it will make you much calmer and make good physiological changes in the body.

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