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Tips to Prevent Heart Diseases

IPC Heart Care would like to enlighten heart patients regarding the importance of following preventive measures to avoid heart diseases.

Heart Disease is number one killer in World. It is very often found that everyone fears to hear the word Heart Disease. We should educate ourselves in matters of heart. Heart disease is the disease of ignorance. Nearly 80% of heart attacks are preventable. Unfortunately 70% of heart attacks come as the first symptom, it means that they were blockages in the arteries but the patients did not notice or know about it. A heart attack does not occur due to any virus or bacteria in the body nor it develops overnight but it happens because of the faulty life style one follows over a long period of time.

We can prevent heart disease. You need to take proper care and follow certain preventive measures to safeguard your heart and health. You need to have adequate rest, proper diet, and regular exercise and follow the principles of stress management.

Rest is very important for human body. In pursuit of attaining success in professional life and balancing it with personal life, many overrule the need for taking proper rest in their daily schedule. One should have 6 – 8 hrs of sleep daily to stay fit and fine. If anybody wants to work hard, they can opt for meditation practices. Deep meditation of 15 minutes can be equivalent to 2 hrs of sleep. That’s really great news for you.

Diet is the important factor to prevent heart disease. You should take high fibre vegetarian food to prevent heart disease. But most of them skip breakfast, have light lunch and stuff heavy dinner and go off to sleep. It is not correct method. Avoid fasting and feasting. Have food at regular intervals in small portions

One more important aspect is exercise. People often avoid exercise saying that they do not have time to do. There can be no excuse to that, put on your jogging shoes and at least thrice a week go for jogging.

The need for a health check up on regular intervals is very important. After crossing the age of 30 years, you need to go for annual medical checkup that includes ECG, Stress test, body mass index, height and weight, lipid profile, etc. It is must that one goes for regular checkups as it will help them in long run for early detection of heart ailment if it develops.

At IPC we give correct measures according to the patient’s health status. Our preventive cardiology program helps to assess the patients and set preventive measures accordingly. We have 15 years of experience in treating patients with preventive cardiology program and over a millions of patients have benefited from this program. We have an expert team of doctors who specially take care of you with these preventive measures.



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