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Diet for Heart Patients

IPC Heart Care would like to enlighten heart patients regarding the importance of diet and its role for a healthy heart.

In heart diseases, Life style management programs is utmost important and at IPC, we offer non invasive treatment like EECP for heart patients. As a part of the EECP treatment, we provide life style management that helps patients to lead a better healthy life.

We have tracked patients from 8 years, and we have observed that patients who followed life style management program along with EECP treatment of 35 sessions of one hour daily never had any regrets. The patients who have not followed life style management program, 20% of them were experiencing recurrent problems and had to go for surgical procedures for relief. The need for life style management is the most important in which dietary plans for patients plays a significant role in prevention of diseases.


But whenever the word DIET comes, people are scared that they have to stop eating tasty food and hold on their desires on tasty food. However we wish to inform you that patients need not have to worry about diet plans so much.

At IPC, we take care of the dietary needs of the patients in very comprehensive manner as a part of our life style management program. We plan individual customized programs and get into the details of each patient to know his body metabolism, his likes and dislikes for planning a perfect diet program. People want to prefer tasty food are given options that are very safe on heart. At IPC, we recommend diet that is for life time but it depends upon the patient’s will to adapt it. They have to make up their mind. The importance of diet plan is like if a person goes to fill petrol in his bike, he would rather prefer the best fuel at much higher cost than a lower quality.  We also give our cars and bikes to servicing. Likewise if you can afford to take best for your bike/car, why not take so care for your body. Human body is so precious and priceless. We just want to dump in whatever food we get or find tasty, irrespective of whether it is good for health and nutritious. People should question themselves, if the food they are taking in, is eradicating the disease or creating the disease.

It is you and yourself who can help to control your body disease, we as doctors can only help you physically by treating you with bypass, putting stents, balloon or create a natural bypass through EECP .But if you do not follow life style management, the treatment is of limited use. As the proverb goes if diet is wrong, medicine is of no use and if diet is correct and medicine is of no need. It is ultimately the patient’s mind set to make a strong decision towards his diet plan and follow it strictly when undergoing a life style management program for his well being. Taking best diet can improve on your health and lesser your heart problem.


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