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Exercise for Heart Patients

IPC Heart Care would like to enlighten heart patients regarding the importance of exercise under Medical Supervision and how it helps to control heart disease.

IPC offers Non-Invasive Treatment for Heart patients like EECP along with Life style improvement program as a part of the non invasive cardiac treatments. Exercise is an important aspect but most of the heart patients presume that it will have adverse effects on them. Mostly heart patients feel they will get chest pain or fear to get a heart attack, if they do exercise. But this is not true. “Exercise under proper medical supervision can heal your heart”. IPC has a special team of doctors who are specifically trained for providing exercises to heart patients as a part of the cardiac rehabilitation program. To get trained for Exercise under an expert medical supervision is safe for heart patients.

The importance of exercise as a part of customized cardiac rehab program is like a situation where, writing a cheque with its pre requirements. If one wants to write a cheque, the first and foremost thing he does is to check the previous record of transactions in the pass book and check for balance to reconfirm the issue for avoiding bouncing of the cheque. In similar lines, there is an importance of knowing the status of blood supply in heart patient and training the patients to a point where the heart receives adequate blood supply and is not compromised by creating coronary insufficiency leading to angina or heart attacks.

Here we also find few heart patients who presume to know everything about exercise but without proper knowledge of your heart condition, it can adversely affect your heart. So you need to be very careful, we design exercise programs to fit the condition of heart of the patient. We have a warm up phase, brisk phase and cool down phase that can help them resume to normal activities in a course of time. We make our patients walk, assess their safety levels and then plan for the accurate exercise program for them. We have treated more than 30,000 patients with our cardiac rehabilitation program. Heart patients too can exercise and need not have to panic over that issue and confine themselves to home. Watching this video, many heart patients must have got the idea that exercise is safe if performed under medical supervision by taking up rehab programs.


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