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How to take care of heart health?

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Apart from following such routine activities, it is also highly necessary for going to regular cardiac health checkups. Always keep updating yourself on latest techniques that have arrived for protection against heart attacks and cardio arrest. Try to work on weight loss programs and follow diet plan given by your dietician and suggested by your cardiologist. Hypertension is a rooting cause of heart problems. Consult your cardiologist for Hypertension Reversal Program and try to control your level of blood pressures to avoid heart attack and clotting of blood in brain or heart.

If you are a diabetic patient, it is highly important that you intake your food and medicine according to set schedule to avoid increased sugar levels that may in turn effect the heart adversely. Try to go for Diabetes Reversal Program to control your diabetes. Insulin resistance and diabetes are controlled as you concentrate on eating complex carbohydrates and avoid foods that increase blood sugar rapidly. Free radical damage to the arteries and LDL cholesterol is inhibited by antioxidants in fruits and vegetables. (Alsi seeds, Dudhi juice, carrot tomato beet root juice, black tea).  Blockage generating compounds decrease and blood flow is enhanced when patient start eating Flax seeds which is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. Cholesterol and triglycerides levels are lowered by eating adequate fiber and avoiding saturated fat and very starchy carbohydrate.  Green Tea and Black tea contains more antioxidants which has proven healthy heart benefits.

Follow your cardiologist instructions to reduce the risk of the heart problems. You can go for cardiac rehabilitation programs suggested by your cardiologists. Here you can enrich your health through exercise, overcoming stress and controlling on your diet. The main idea behind any cardiac rehabilitation program is to enhance your body system and control your risk against hearth related problems.

So always keep your Heart in safe and healthy mode to avoid heart attacks.


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