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Case Study 4: Mr. Mehta

My wife wants to attend the wedding in Gujarat in next month but she has been advised not to even step down from the home due to unstable condition. She is taking 6-7 sorbitrate daily and is on maximum medications but inspite of that since last 3 years she is not able to go for a daily walk, Said painfully Mr. Mehta who was very sad and disturbed for his wife who was a case of Blood pressure and diabetes since last 30 years.

She had also undergone a bypass surgery after which even an angioplasty on blocked grafts. Mr. Mehta complained that inspite of bypass surgery, angioplasty and regular intake of medicines there is no symptom of improvement.

Mr. Mehta is a leading manufacturer of medicine and surgical products and very affluent and most of the doctors are his friends. He was concerned that at the age of 78 years with such complications where major surgeries and even after spending 15 lakhs rupees there have been such a condition whether IPC will be able to fulfill her wives dream to attend the wedding of her grandson in Gujarat.

Dr. Monika, Cardiologist at IPC deed complete evaluation before beginning the treatment and coordinated with US team of doctors as IPC is in technical collaboration with Vaso Meditech, USA. Dr. Pratiksha being founder member of EECP Registry in India discussed the case with other cardiologist in community before giving treatment to Mrs. Mehta.

The entire detailed program of what improvement can be expected was explained to Mr. & Mrs Mehta. She was managed by the entire team of doctor’s everyday for 2 hours at Pael branch. Within 15 days of treatment her breathlessness reduced and her 50% sorbitrate intake reduced. By the end of 1 month she was able to do her routine activities and walking for 20 mins within her building compound.

She attended wedding of her grandson successfully and after coming back she met Dr. Pratiksha and her team and exclaimed, “IPC is like a heaven on earth where the Doctors are like angels with healing touch and I am forever indebted for fulfilling my desire of traveling after a home arrest of 3 ears due to chest pain.”


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