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Case Study 3 : Mrs. Sumedha

Doctor, please do something so that I can sleep. From last 2 months I feel breathless at night when I go to sleep and get chest pain on slightest exertion. I have been advised bypass surgery but my case is very complicated and high risk for surgery. Being a diabetic for last 10 years my left leg which was amputed it took 2 long years just to heal the wound.

I am having low hemoglobin since last 3 years. I have been given a budget of Rs. 5 lakh for this complicated surgery and upper limit would be anything depending on the length of the hospitalization which may occur.  I have been admitted 3 times in 2009 because of breathlessness.

I have come from Bangalore all the way as IPC is the only hope where I can think of cure.’ This narration given by Mrs. Sumedha (name changed) touched Dr. Pratiksha, MBBS, MD Preventive Cardiologist, Founder Chairperson of IPC Heart Care. Dr. Pratiksha reassured Mrs. Sumedha that definitely there is a hope for patients like you.

Dr. Pratiksha revised medications and instructed her team of Doctors in a detailed protocol on handling this complicated case. Within one week of starting the treatment Mrs. Sumedha sighed relief, “Thanks Doctor atleast I am able to sleep every night peacefully.” With a detailed diet plan she started feeling much energetic and her daily activities were monitored by Cardiac Rehab Physician Dr. Trupti Joshi.

On the completion of treatment she was able to walk for half an hour and her pumping capacity of the heart was also improved. Her husband remarked that IPC is doing such noble work by treating and giving hope to hopeless patients. He thanked the entire IPC team for successfully treating his wife.


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