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Hope After Failed Bypass Surgery

At old of age of 65 with severe uncontrolled diabetes, barely able to walk 7-8 steps even after bypass surgery 6 months back, Mrs.Kantharia (name changed) felt as if her world was coming to an end. The thought of undergoing angiography again and possibly some surgery again was killing her and making her cry all day.

Especially at night time could not sleep because of chest pain and breatlessness. Her heart pumping efficiency was reduced to 30% which is very low compared to normal 60%.

Her relatives had known about Mr. Shetty and had taken IPC treatment and is walking to Shirdi sai baba every year.

As a last resort she decided to approach IPC heart care centre for guidance. Dr.Monika Mittal cardiologist at IPC examined her heart condition and advised her natural bypass program at IPC. However she was too weak for daily sittings, so first to stabilize her medicines were given along with individual diet plan and activity chart. First aim was to make her sleep well at night without pain which was achieved in first week of treatment.

Kirti dietician at IPC put in lot of efforts to do daily monitoring of input i.e water intake and gave detailed list of do and don'ts. As Mrs. Kantharia was going through the natural bypass program which is of 5 weeks duration she got new lease of life. She regained her confidence as she was able to walk 30 min at the end of treatment and her pumping capacity improved to 45% which is remarkable without doing any kind of surgery.

IPC Heartcare centre founded by Dr. Pratiksha, MBBS, MD India's first woman preventive cardiologist is largest chain of preventive and non surgical cardiac clinic in our country with a mission to prevent heart attack and treat heart patients without costly invasive surgeries.


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