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Case Study: Mrs.Patel

" I feel breathless even on slightest exertion, before angioplasty I was much better, but with 3 angiographies and two angioplasties in just two years, I am simply fed up with life" sighed Mrs.Patel who had specially come from Baroda to consult at IPC Heart Care Centre in Mumbai.

The family members of Mrs.Patel were very apprehensive and narrated the history. It was observed that two years before she had slight chest pain on walking, which used to disappear by stopping for a minute. On doing a health check up, stress test was positive and she was advised angiography followed by angioplasty. However within two she started having problems again so another angiography and angioplasty was done.
As she was getting more and more breathless on slightest exertion again angiography was done which showed reblockage in stent.

Mrs.Patel was fed up doing procedures again and again and was seeking for alternate solution. Her religious leader guided her to IPC Heartcare as he was also being treated by Dr.Pratiksha. He told her if you want honest medical opinion and non-surgical cure IPC is best centre in India with more than 5000 cases successfully treated through EECP, medicines and lifestyle changes.

There are many cases like Mrs.Patel visiting IPC now a days. The most important knowledge which heart patients should have is that there is no permanent cure to heart problem. Whether it is bypass surgery, angioplasty or EECP one has to follow lifestyle changes which includes correct diet, exercise and yoga.

Mrs.Varsha, Head of Diet dept, IPC says that if patients follow our diet than 50% of their problem gets solved. Many times patient get chest pain due acidity, gases due to faulty diets and unnecessary worry is created. Also cholesterol, Blood pressure, diabetes is effectively controlled which are root cause of heart problems.

Mrs.Patel said that the eating habits in the community like papadi, ganthia, jalebi and farsan items our heart ailments are bound to increase. Even I want to control looking at others I cannot control myself. Seema, yoga teacher at IPC said that daily yoga practices will help you to control your mind. So you will have self control over your food.

The exercise regimen, diet tips, yoga training made positive impact on Mrs. Patel health and she happily said " I wish I knew cure was so simple yet effective ". Mrs. Patel slowly started resuming to normal life and thanked IPC team for giving her a new lease of life.

IPC heartcare has pioneered EECP treatment and is largest provider of Non-surgical cardiac treatments in India. All patients who have been advised surgery can visit IPC foe honest second medical opinion. At IPC, there is a holistic approach where along with physical symptoms, personality, mental and emotional well-being is also focused upon. That is secret of IPC success rate of more than 90% says Dr.Pratiksha, founder of IPC heart care, India's first woman preventive cardiologist. She has team of more than 70 dedicated medical and para medical professionals in five clinics at Andheri, Lower Parel, Borivali ,thane and Lonavala.


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