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The Lack of General public awareness about the extent of heart diseases

As a preventive cardiologist, what really bothers me is the growing incidence of heart ailments across the country, especially in a megacity like Mumbai.

With 60% of the world’s heart patients, India will soon become the heart disease capital of India. And unfortunately, this deadly disease is no longer the bane of old age alone. It is spreading rapidly among the youth and even teenagers.

Most heart patients are likely to be between 15 and 69 years of age. But what worries me even more is people’s lackadaisical attitude towards their own well being. In spite of knowing their deadly effects, even educated people continue with a harmful lifestyle, eating habits and use of stimulants like tobacco.

Not only that, we are even influencing our children to adopt the same lifestyle. As a result, even 11-year-old children are becoming prone to serious cardiac diseases. Preventing and reducing heart ailments is not a difficult task at all. Eighty per cent of heart diseases can be prevented simply by consuming more fruits and vegetables, increasing physical activity, reducing the use of tobacco, counseling and other such measures and advanced medical management. All that is needed is a greater public awareness about this major issue.


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