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Why Heart Health is Important?

Having a healthy heart reflects a good health status of a human being. Heart is the most precious organ in the cardiovascular system that needs special care and timely assistance to keep the human body fit and fine. Usually cardiac problems arise due to the reduced flow of oxygenated blood in the heart. There are various reasons like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, lack of exercise, sleeping disorders, intake of junk food and, irregular food habits.

Cardiac problems need a keen attention and should be addressed quickly for proper care and timely healthcare. The process of overcoming cardiac discomforts is Bypass surgery, cardiac surgery, angioplasty and non invasive therapies to increase blood supply to the heart. All cases do not need surgeries most of patients can be treated with advanced medical management and lifestyle modifications. Heart needs a special care and attention at the age of 40 and above for both Men and Women as it plays a vital role in the whole system of the human body. When heart is unable to function properly, it creates havoc in the whole body. People who suffer from heart problems face a lot of complications in their day to day routine life style. They hardly can do their daily activities with full zeal and enthusiasm.

It is very important for any person to take a control on their life style and food eating habits to avoid severe heart problems.

Tips for Healthy Heart Care:

1. Proper Diet:

Intake of proper diet is the major reason that helps you to overcome many health contradictions. The food you intake plays a major role in maintaining good balance of necessary proteins, antioxidants and minerals. Fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, salmon fish, soy proteins help in long way by preventing from heart diseases.   A healthy heart needs low fat diets that are high in fibre content and low in sugar/salt content.

2. Avoid Smoking:

Smoking is a major cause of heart disease, avoid smoking and relax yourself with yoga and meditation. 25 percent heart attacks are caused due to smoking and once you abstain within one year your risk reduces.

3. Regular Exercise:

Doing exercise regularly helps people to keep fit and fine. By performing exercises, one can burn their excess fats and calories accumulated in their bodies that lead to heart failures and cardiac problems.

4. Avoid Drinking Alcohol:

Alcohol consumption leadsto severe heart problems. It increases triglycerides which forms blockages. Avoid 4. drinking alcohol frequently that pile up excess pressure on heart beat leading to heart problems.

5. Control your Blood Pressure and Diabetes:

High blood pressure and uncontrolled diabetics is major cause of blockages in the blood flow. Always try to maintain a moderate blood pressure and a good control of sugar levels in the body for avoiding the complication of the heart problems.

6. Practice Yoga and Meditation:

Stress has become a part of everyone’s life these days for the hectic schedules of professional life affecting the personal lives to a great extent. As a result, most of them suffer from physical stress and mental strain leading to various health and heart problems. All these can be removed or avoided by practicing yoga, meditation and brisk walking.

7. Medical checkups on equal intervals:

It is must for everybody who crosses age of 40 years to undergo a few medical examinations to rule out any chances of heart and cardiac problems.

Having a healthy heart is a golden rule to lead a happy and heart full life.

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