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Cardiac Health Checkup Programs in India

“It is better to be safe than sorry.” This sentence might be read in a generic way per se, but has a deep rooted meaning; especially when we consider the number of premature deaths owing to cardiovascular diseases worldwide.

IPC Heart Centre offers Cardiac Health Check Up Programs with the sole purpose of preventive healthcare and to help find problems before they get severe.
Many of us are totally ignorant towards our health, while some of us refrain to see a doctor just because of fear and it is only until we face a major condition, that we realize the importance of regular health checkups.

To understand the importance of regular checkups, let us say for e.g. that you have just bought a brand new vehicle. In the initial first year, there are periodical services that the company offers to ensure that your vehicle has a smooth and glitch-free run. Also, as a matter of fact, we make sure that the vehicle gets the services on time.

Just for a moment now, think about your body. Nowadays we live under a stressful environment and are working day in day out to make our ends meet. Our daily activities certainly take a toll on us. To keep up with the physical and mental energy demanded, we should take initiatives that prevent any condition that may result to a fatal disease.
Patients who have been previously diagnosed with heart disorders or who are suffering from diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Blood Pressure, or High Cholesterol should regularly get a Cardiac Health Check Up done. People who have a strong family history of cardiac problems may have chances of inheriting the conditions, if not compulsorily. However, it is always good to know about the health of your body.

Keeping this in mind IPC Heart Care Centre has launched various Health Check Up Programs to help people to have a safe and carefree life. Our Mumbai centre offers three Heart Check Up Packages viz. Simple, Essential, and Advanced.

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