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What is Preventive Cardiology?

Preventive Cardiology aims at reducing the risk of heart-attacks and stroke, preventing the recurrence of symptoms of heart disease, reducing the incidence of plaque deposition and of blockages, and thus the requirement of surgical intervention. There are three levels of prevention- Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

  1. Primary prevention is for pregnant woman, infants, young children and adults who do not have heart ailments. They have to focus on balanced heart healthy diet, daily physical activity and positive mind management to prevent heart problems.

  2. Secondary level of Preventive Cardiology is for all individuals who have risk factors for heart diseases such as genetic history, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, smoking and excessive stress. Annual check-ups are very important for people who fall under these risk-factor categories, so that heart ailments are diagnosed and treated early on, thus preventing heart attacks.

  3. Tertiary level of Preventive Cardiology includes a whole gamut of non-invasive cardiac treatments that focus on cardiac rehabilitation. It is aimed at treating people who already suffer from cardiac disease or people at high risk of cardiac disease with appropriate non-surgical intervention that may include diet counselling, tailored exercise programs, meditation, yoga and even non-invasive cardiac treatments like ECP (External Counter Pulsation) / EECP treatments (Enhanced External Counter Pulsation).

    Tertiary level of Preventive cardiology can be applied to people who have already undergone surgeries like angioplasty or bypass, people who doctors feel can benefit from non-surgical alternatives, people in high-risk categories who simply want to prevent progression into heart disease, or people experiencing symptoms in the absence of positive tests.

Preventive cardiology focuses strongly on tailor-made programs, depending on symptoms, test indications and risk factors.

Cardiac Treatment in India

Cardiac treatment in India is as advanced as it is anywhere else in the world. Cardiac treatment in India and elsewhere would cover the whole gamut of cardiac diagnostics, allopathic medications, surgical interventions, as well as non-surgical treatments like ECP / EECP and lifestyle medicine practices, which form part of the discipline of preventive cardiology.

Preventive Cardiology in India

Just as cardiac treatment in India is as advanced as it is anywhere else in the world – the same goes with preventive cardiology. In fact, India has made many strides in the field of preventive cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation. Many of the clinics in the field of preventive cardiology in India have fully equipped diagnostic and ECP facilities, doctors, trained nutritionists and counsellors.

IPC Heart Care (Institute of Preventive Cardiology) has been a pioneer in preventive cardiology in India. We conduct various programs that include: Hypertension Reversal Program, Diabetes Reversal Program, Cholesterol Reversal Program, Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, Weight Management Program, ECP / EECP, and a Corporate Wellness Program. We have trained many other independent clinics in the area of cardiac rehabilitation, especially ECP.

We would like to caution people who have been advised ECP therapy to make sure this advise as well as the treatment is given at a center that is trained and certified in ECP / EECP therapies.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Institute of Preventive Cardiology (IPC) Heart Care Center’s cardiac rehabilitation program includes the following aspects of preventive cardiology treatments: a customized exercise program, stress management counselling, nutritional advice, yoga and meditation. If EECP is required, then the patient is advised about that option.

Before a cardiac rehabilitation program is chalked out, a complete medical evaluation is conducted to determine the appropriate, safe levels of physical activity, medical limitations, essential medication, etc.

The goal of the cardiac rehabilitation program is to help patients regain their strength, prevent their condition from worsening, to reduce the risk of heart related episodes in the future, to reduce symptoms, and lead a better quality of life.


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