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Healthy Heart Care Tips for Women

Heart is the most important organ in the human body that needs a special care for avoiding cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. Heart pumps blood through the blood vessels with repeated action of rhythmic contractions. In India, most of the women face heart problems at their early age of crossing 30 + years. The number of heart patients in the women category is just growing to heights.  It’s high time for people to start realizing the fact and the threats that awaits their health conditions.

According to many surveys, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in India. It is anticipated that cardiovascular diseases are expected to be increasing year by year. There are many reasons for heart problems to occur that can be controlled or even avoided by simple changes in your life style except few reasons like heredity, age and diabetes which are major risk factors. Women should follow certain precautionary measures to avoid the cardiac problems and keep safe at heart.


Tips for Healthy Heart Care:-


Every woman needs to be physically fit & fine to lead a happy life and take a good care of herself and her whole family. Women need to introduce exercise as a part of her life style no matter how much ever busy her schedule is. Walking is the simple exercise that is very ideal for women. Walk for at least half an hour daily, do not use lifts and avoid sitting for long hours.




Diet plays an important role in maintaining a good health. Women should always take a diet that is rich in proteins, less of carbohydrate, less oil, intake green vegetables and avoid high glycemic food like cornflakes, white bread, French fries as they develop arterial stress that swell the brachial arteries for longer time.



Health Checkups at equal Intervals:

After crossing an age of 30, it is must for women to go for periodical health checkups like blood pressure, sugar levels before fasting & after meals and lipid panels. If the count seems to be higher in any of the test levels, there is a chance of developing heart related problems in future for such women. To avoid risk at a later stage, it is always advisable to go for periodical medical checkups to rule out health problems in advance and control your life style to overcome it.


Stroke Awareness:

Women should be aware of the stoke symptoms as stoke prevention is as protective as heart disease prevention. Women are more likely to get stroke than men.



Reduce Stress by Yoga and Meditation:

Mostly stress is related to environmental, psychosocial and physical strain factors.  Continued status of stress may affect women with high blood pressure, fatigue, high cholesterol levels, physical inactivity and sleeping disorders that seriously become the root cause for developing cardiovascular disease. Always try to rule out your stress factors by practicing yoga and meditation.



Check on Hormones:

Hormones play an important role in the overall health of women. The presence of estrogen helps women to overcome the risk of heart attack when compared to men till the age of 40. After crossing the age 40 years, when the women enter the stage of menopause she has greater chances of heart attacks. It is advisable to follow a gynecologist suggestion to maintain your hormones levels in balance.

Heart Disease in women is different from men. Very often it is not diagnosed as symptoms are not classical like men. Also the disease many times is diffuse and in small arteries, so angiography is normal but chest pain symptoms are there. On the other hand Women are also likely to have false ECG changes or false positive stress test which many times creates panic situations.

So Cardiac check up for woman should be done with expert cardiologists to get correct guidance on prevention, early detection and treatment.

Keep safe and take a good care of your heart.


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