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Atypical Symptoms of Heart Problems

1. Chest Discomfort:

The major symptom for heart attack is feeling pain in chest. If there is chest discomfort and pain, it could root the problem towards a heart attack. But not all heart attacks showcases chest pain, but merely a chest pain can be a rooting cause for heart attack.

2. Back Pain:

As the heart is in front, people always mistake that only a front pain can lead to a heart attack, even a back pain can be a symptom and a cause for heart attack. Since the heart is surrounded by lungs, an artery is connected to the back. In case the blood is blocked in that particular artery, it may cause pain in your back and ultimately lead to a heart attack. It is very important for anyone to be aware of the atypical symptom that can cause heart attack.

3.  Neck, jaw, shoulders, arms, elbow, stomach, and abdominal pain:

In most of the heart attacks, you can experience neck pain, jaw pain, shoulders pain, arms pain, elbow and abdominal pain. Though you encounter such pains you may not have a chest pain. The pains in such parts can come and go and are not experienced on continuous basis. The pain increases on exertion and goes away on relaxation. Some physicians name the pain from jaw to arm as “referred pain” and there is a tendency of general weakness and energy loss. All such kind of pains could be associated with heart ailments.

4. Shortness of breath:

Shortness of breath is caused to the blockage in the air passages of nose, throat, mouth that discomforts while taking breath. It usually happens due to the rooting causes of cardiac or respiratory or neurological problems. Heart disease specifically causes breathlessness when the supply of blood is not enough for the supply of the oxygen to the heart muscles. Sometimes emotional distress, such as anxiety, can also lead to difficulty in breathing. But breathlessness also could be an indicative reason for a heart attack or heart failure.

5. Unusual or unexplained Fatigue and Weakness:

A follow up of unusual fatigue over a month can be warning sign of heart ailment. Feeling fatigue is a major reason among women to get a heart attack. More over feeling tired and becoming weak day by day may also become a reason for heart attack.

6. Anxiety

Anxiety always creates severe health problems and can be a cause for heart attack. People who keep worrying about financial matters, health problems, family issues, professional threats and feel the stress over the time creates unusual anxiety resulting in heart attack.

7. Rapid or Irregular Pulse Rate:

When a person feels weak, giddiness and breathlessness, it might turn to a rapid or irregular pulse resulting in heat attack. A skipped heart beat can be ignored but if the pulse rate is rapid an irregular, it is an alarming situation. The person can have a heart attack, stroke, heart failure or even death.

8. Sweating, Light-headedness or dizziness:

 When a person starts cold sweating, it is symptom of heart attack. Sweating is a very common thing, but if you are just relaxing and all of sudden you start cold sweating, it definitely can be an alarming situation and you could a victim of heart attack. If a person faces light-headedness and unconsciousness, it can be a sign of heart attack.

So Dear Friends, know your heart, know yourself, go for a cardiac check as prevention is the vaccination for heart attack.


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